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Esther Freeman


Name: Esther Freeman
Twitter ID: @mswandas and @esther_freeman


Five facts about Esther
1. When I’m not helping out Ms Wanda I work as a digital consultant and campaigner
2. I stop work at least once a day to play with my two cats
3. I’m a bit of a trouble maker, but so was Ghandi so that’s ok
4. I have a girl-crush on Janelle Monae
5. I own way too many dresses for one human being

Emma WaightContributor

Emma Waight
Twitter ID: @emswaight

Five facts about Emma
1. I have a BA degree in Fashion, now I’m doing a PhD in Geography
2. I can’t survive without a bit of daily yoga
3. Glastonbury Festival is my happy place
4. I love Hello Kitty and manatees
5. I’m unpredictable, apparently

Lori Smith


Lori Smith
Twitter ID: @lipsticklori
Blog:  Rarely Wears Lipstick
Five facts about Lori
1. I’m a feminist -I believe a person’s gender shouldn’t make a difference on how you treat them
2. I’m polyamorous, which means I believe it is possible to love more than one person
3. I like the way I look and no amount of bullshit marketing will be able to convince me otherwise
4. I don’t want to have children, but I do love being an auntie
5. People rarely guess my age correctly