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Bloggers around the world will come together to talk about fashion and human rights, as part of Blog Action Day. Join our consortium of ethical fashion bloggers to be part of the conversation.

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To take part in Blog Action Day, all you have to do is post a blog on 16 October under the theme of human rights. You may have some ideas of your own, but if not here’s some to get you going.

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The Ethical Fashion Blog – Ceri Heathcote
Ceri heathcoteCeri loves clothes but doesn’t want to compromise on ethics. After blogging about fashion for a number of years, she started her ethical fashion blog in 2011. The aim was to inspire others to take a sustainable approach with their style, and to showcase some the ever growing number of amazing ethical and sustainable fashion brands. Most recently she has launched, a search engine for sustainable style to make shopping with a conscience quicker and easier.

>> Visit Ceri’s blog

Adore, Reflect, Sustain – Emma Waight
Emma WaightEmma’s blog is for people like her who love stuff, but want to consume responsibly. She started it as an ethical fashion blog three years ago and it’s since expanded to cover all things related to ethical consumption and sustainability. Emma is passionate about second-hand consumption and hates waste. She even studies shopping and people’s relationships with material things for her PhD, looking at second-hand baby clothes, toys and equipment.

>> Visit Emma’s blog

HJ Fantaskis
HJ head shotHJ’s blog follows her attempt to go green in a city, and all the challenges that presents. But her passion for the last 4 years has been ethical fashion in all its forms. The blog has a healthy dose of left-field beauty reviews (“And so I slapped the cream on my arse…”), her failure to master the art of cooking (“The instructions said to remove all fire hazards from the kitchen, so I stood outside the door”), and how to combine renting an apartment in London and living sustainably.

 >> Visit HJ’s blog

EF Magazine
EF MagazineEF Magazine is an online magazine promoting sustainable fashion and conscientious consumerism. Their mission is to encourage change in consumption that will push the Canadian fashion industry to overhaul its practices. Discover a world of community leaders and fashion fanatics who are working hard to provide you with beautiful clothing that is made fairly, with as little impact on the environment as possible and will never end up in a landfill.

>> Visit EF Magazine

House of Wandering Silk
house of wandering silkHouse of Wandering Silk is a social enterprise based in Delhi, India. They design and produces sustainable, one of a kind and hand crafted textile-based products. Their blog is the space where they tell their stories: the story of HOWS, the stories of their artisans and the personal story of Katherine, the founder. It’s also their space to blog about the things they love most: travel, textiles and tea, and how they inspire their work.

>> Visit the House of Wandering Silk blog

Stephanie Hay – The Inelegant Horse Rider
Inelegant horse riderSteph started her blog as a way to record her progress in three areas: horse riding; fitness; and ethical and sustainable fashion. She’s been trying to change her shopping habits and wardrobe into a fully ethical and sustainable place of brilliance. This year she’s part of the Wartime Wardrobe Challenge, which is tougher than she imagined, but great fun. It’s helped expand her knowledge on sustainable, ethical fashion.

>> Visit Steph’s blog

Kendall Benton – Kindness By Design
Kendal Benton profile pictureKendall’s passion for environmental conservation has taken her all over Australia and the Pacific, to the Fiji Islands, tackling issues ranging from threatened species recovery; climate adaptation; marine conservation; and sustainable livelihoods. Kindness By Design was created in January 2011 as a platform for championing ethical and sustainable fashion and design. Much more than a blog, it’s a community of designers, boutiques and consumers that interact both on and offline.

>> Visit Kendall’s blog

View from the Pier
View from the pierRob Wickings writes The View From The Pier. It’s the blogging arm of Pier32, the longest running ethical apparel printing company in the UK, running since 1984. He writes about everything to do with ethical fashion, from the human rights tragedy of the Rana Plaza collapse, to the new and emerging technologies that might just change the face of fashion for the better. We also run features on the charities and good causes that use our services as a matter of course.

>> Visit View From the Pier

Jen Gale – My Make Do And Mend Year
Jen GaleJen is a 30-something mother of two, and wife of one, living in the South-West of England on a mission to get the world Making Do and Mending! She spent a year Making, Making Do and Mending and Buying Nothing New from September 2012, and kept a daily blog to document the challenges that the family faced. Jen says that the year and the blog have changed the family’s shopping habits for good, and they can’t see themselves heading back to the High Street anytime soon.

>> Visit Jen’s blog

Erica Louise – Recycled Fashion
Recycled fashion logoErica is environmentally passionate, and believes that new style can be recreated from old. Rather than landfill our beautiful planet with fabric, she prefers to buy second hand clothing,  refashion, and create her own outfits.  Recycled outfits make fashion more sustainable, and fun.

>> Visit Erica’s blog

Elizabeth Stilwell – The Note Passer
The Note PasserThe Note Passer is a blog dedicated to the adventure and education of life. Elizabeth is a former educator, a life-long learner, and a perpetual note-taker. She is excited by education because it changes hearts, minds, and lives. The Note Passer is an invitation to you to fellowship with her in the interestingness of life and learning.

>> Visit Elizabeth’s blog

Wendy Graham – Moral Fibres
Wendy from moral fibresMoral Fibres is an eco-living blog, written by Wendy Graham, where sustainable living is hip, not hippie.  Moral Fibres covers all aspects of eco-friendly living – from cooking seasonally, shopping ethically, travelling sustainably, and everything else in between.  Never preachy nor judgemental, and always erring on the hipper side of things, Moral Fibres aims to be your one-stop shop for all of your eco-friendly lifestyle inspirations and aspirations.

>> Visit Wendy’s blog

Tracey Krause – The Earth Friendly Family
Tracey KrauseAfter many years in Canada, Tracey’s family left their stable jobs and took off into the unknown, landing in Cotacachi, Ecuador. She loves exploring her gorgeous new homeland and learning about environmental issues, poverty and fair trade. She is seeking a richer spirituality, and rethinking some of her North American values. Her blog showcases new artisans and discusses earth friendly living, handmade options and life choices.

>> Visit Tracey’s blog

Noorin Khamisani – Outsider Fashion
Noorin KhamisaniNoorin’s label Outsider is all about sustainable, luxurious, organic, ethically made womenswear. Her blog is dedicated to raising awareness around issues in the fashion industry, inspiring her customers to either begin or continue buying ethical fashion and sharing her adventures in sustainable style.

>> Read Noorin’s blog

Danielle Smith – Eco Bird
Eco birdEco Bird is an Australian sustainable & ethical eco-boutique. They LOVE  fashion, yet are aware of the toxic pollution and waste destructing not only our earth, but of people’s health within the farming, manufacture and production of fashion products. Their blog is the adventure, inspiration, creativity and knowledge behind Eco Bird – where we live, breathe, love sustainable and ethical style – because to us it’s the only kind of fashion that is beautiful.

>> Vist the Eco Bird blog

Jodie Marie – A la Jode
Jodie MarieA la Jode is a fashion blog begun in February 2013. It features a wide range of fashion- and personal style-related articles with a particular focus on emerging brands, ethical fashion and making the most of our wardrobes. Jodie Marie is particularly interested in recycled – or “upcycled” – fashion, and is planning to add a number of DIY tutorials in the near future as well as working more closely with brands that focus on sustainability.

>> Visit Jodie’s blog

Angela Wallace – Sasstainable
Angela Wallace from SasstainableLaunched in London by Angela Wallace, Sasstainable brings all the food, fashion, beauty, travel and news you need to live the Sasstainable life! Now based in Toronto, Angela has an expert voice with an insider view on the best of ethical and sustainable lifestyle.


>> Visit Sasstainable

Responsible Trade Worldwide
responsible trade worldwideResponsible Trade Worldwide offers comprehensive insight into a supplier workforce via a worker assessment, and metrics linked to their HR practices, empowering them to take responsibility for improving people management practices. The result is that the retailer gets assurances that the very best standards are being met by their supply chain, ultimately mitigating its reputational risk.

>> Visit Responsible Trade Worldwide

Green Glitter
green glitterGreen Glitter rounds up news, reviews and opinions about beauty products and fashion that have a lower impact on the planet, including those using organic, Fair Trade, local or vegan ingredients or materials, utilising environmentally sensitive packaging, produced by Earth-protecting companies or offering homemade or locally produced loveliness. We also blog about fashion, beauty and eco-living.

>> Visit Green Glitter

Emily O’Hara – Fashainable
Emily O HaraEver since playing dress-up in her grandparents’ closets, Emily’s been a fan of swapping clothing with friends or digging for thrifted finds. More recently, she’s developed a strong interest in sustainable fashion and what that means to her. This allows for many interpretations on her blog as she explores everything from socially-responsible labels to environmentally-conscious retailers. Her fashion manifesto is that if you are what you eat, then shouldn’t we care about what we wear?

>> Visit Emily’s blog

Summer Edwards- tortoise & lady grey
Summer Edwardstortoise & lady grey is a fashion and lifestyle blog which aims to promote ethical and sustainable wardrobe choices. It provides information on the environmental and social impacts of conventional fashion and reviews sustainable fashion products, and covers DIY tutorials for textile crafts. Blogger Summer Edwards, is a community development professional who has spent time working for a women’s rights in China and is passionate about improving working conditions.

>> Visit Summer’s blog

Bud Robinson – Virtual Fashion technology
Bud RobinsonBud blogmaster at Virtual Fashion Technology. Since January, they’ve posted over 300 items relating to the use of technology in textiles and fashion, particularly those that relate to cleaning up the environment and re-shoring lost industry jobs. Bud is also the former President of Levi Strauss International and Executive VP of The Gap Stores. He is also a founder and a director of Apparel Made for You Inc.

>> Read Bud’s blog

Megan Doepker – UNA
megan doekperMegan is the founder of UNA, a fair trade fashion label where a purchase has a direct and positive impact on both people and the planet. She loves sparking eco fashion and sustainability conversations, which is why she launched the ecotalk blog.



>> Read Megan’s blog

Desiree Caira – Pull Your Socks Up
Desiree CairaDesiree is the force behind the personal style blog, Pull Your Socks Up! The motivation behind her style and blog is born from her love of diving through second-hand clothing, resurrecting cast-offs and creating one-of-a-kind looks. Desiree believes men and women of all ages can build an ethically-thoughtful wardrobe they love, from recycled, re-worked, pre-loved clothing; one that reflects their ever-evolving creativity.

>> Read Desiree’s blog

Krystle – Style Written
Style WrittenStyle Written was created by a former sustainable fashion journalist and PR to bring effective copywriting services to the fashion industry. Krystle just recently launched her website, which features a fashion business blog, covering everything from advice for creative inspiration to practical business trends. She has always been an advocate for fair fashion, and loves discovering new upcycled collections.

>> Visit Style Written

Fiona Clements – Senorita AweSUMO
Fiona ClementsFiona is a craftivist and sustainable fashion practitioner from Waitati, Dunedin, New Zealand. Her blog is her response to workplace related harm. Re-examination of her own beliefs and experience took her and Senorita AweSUMO into a new phase of life, growing a sustainable lifestyle, nurturing and nourishing the whole. She wants to encourage conscious consumption by spreading awareness and giving an environmental choice in clothing.

>> Read Fiona’s blog

Jonathan Powell – The Flaneur
the flaneurThe Flaneur is a large blog which covers everything from film to fashion and all art and culture. Our writers are interested in all sorts of culture from around the world. The editor is Jonathan Powell, who thinks that the world might be a better place if everyone played cricket.

>> Read The Flaneur 

UrbandonUrbandon menswear is a raw and urban label focusing on sustainable and hand made menswear and accessories. Vintage army tents, reclaimed fabrics and hand made buttons are signature elements. Don’s blog charts his journey from scavenging for old, discarded fabrics and turning them into one-off menswear pieces. From reshaping hats found on the street to creating with Parisian junk, it is found on his blog.

>> Visit Don’s blog

Kelsey Matheson – iiikanji
Kelsey MathesonOriginally from New Zealand Kelsey currently residing in Sydney, Australia. He likes gin & tonic, snowboarding and fashion. In his online life I contribute to the publication as well as running his own, which is a mix of all things good, including: fashion, events and music.


>> Read Kelsey’s blog

Green Issues by Agy
Agy Green IssuesAgy works in the environmental sector and has been refashioning (the DIY of changing an old piece of clothing into something new and more wearable) for over 8 years. The Green Issues blog aims to spread the message of refashioning in Singapore through workshops and talks. Green Issues all about Agi’s green thoughts, DIY recycling, and refashioning.

>> Read Agy’s blog

Katie Schmidt – Passion Lilie
Katie Schmidt Passion LilieKatie is a global traveler, philanthropists and experienced designer. A California native, Katie received her M.S. in Luxury & Fashion Management from SKEMA Business School in France. During graduate school, Katie tailored her education to meet her interests in sustainable and fair trade fashion industries. In 2013, after a trip to India, Katie started her own women’s fair trade clothing line and blog called Passion Lilie.

>> Read Katie’s blog

IndigenousINDIGENOUS organic + fair trade fashion helps artisans in some of the poorest regions of the world by bringing supply chain transparency to the fashion industry at large. Their blog follows eco fashion news, supports other fair trade companies, and highlights one-of-a-kind boutiques across the nation. Get tips from eco fashionistas, enter contests to win sustainable clothing, and follow news about their cutting edge Fair TRACE TOOL™ technology.

>> Read the Indigenous blog

We Do Ethical Fashion
We do ethical fashionWe Do Ethical Fashion Organisation is committed to raising awareness and the profile of ethical fashion. Campaigning and putting a stop to child labour through the supply of fair-trade eco-friendly apparel, with the most stylish eco t’s, hoodies & vests on the market! They’ve just launched a new blog especially for Blog Action Day.


>> Read their new blog

Amelia Glynn – One Green Dress
Amelia GlynnAmelia is an ethical fashion blogger discussing sustainable fashion. She likes to blog about new ethical fashion brands, vintage and charity shopping. She also likes to bring debates about sustainable fashion to the floor and discuss them with her followers on Twitter. You can also read her blog posts on the Oxfam Fashion Blog where she’s currently interning.


>> Read Amelia’s blog

Deborah Campbell – Style Industries London
Deborah CampbellDeborah is a trend forecaster with a conscience. She is committed to sustainable living and her Style Industries London fashion blog discusses trends to buy into that will provide longevity. Deborah completed a buy better not more of challenge in 2012 – which was a year of not buying new clothes, this transformed the way she shops and helped her work with what she has. She is working toward a future where sustainability is at the heart of our every day thinking.

>> Read Deborah’s blog

Nadia Dawisha – Listen Girlfriends
Listen girlfriendsNadia is an activist scholar and teacher who views fashion as the perfect platform to consolidate my spectrum of passions and raise awareness about certain issues, including labor exploitation, gender, cultural studies, media criticism, and sustainability. I am using my blog as a forum for awareness around these topics, and am currently focusing on writing about transparency and fair labor practices in our ever-widening industrial supply chains, with particular focus on the fashion industry.

>> Read Nadia’s blog

Fiona Howatt – Fashion Compassion
Fashion Compassion logoFiona blogs for Fashion Compassion, an online ethical fashion retailer working with socially conscious, luxury fashion brands from the developing world. Their mission is to give a voice and platform to brands and products made by skilled and creative women artisans in the developing world. The blog covers on a range of topics including socially responsible initiatives, ethical campaigns and up and coming eco designers and brands.

>> Visit the Fashion Compassion blog

Liz Gerard – Subsist
Liz GerardLiz worked in newspapers for more than 40 years, 30+ of them with The Times. Now she blogs about media matters, mostly newspapers. Sometimes, though, she writes about ethical issues. By far the most widely read of these posts was the first one she wrote after the Bangladesh disaster, ‘The Women who died for your £1.50 t-shirt’. She published a couple of follow-ups and had been gathering material for a fresh look.

>> Read Liz’ blog

Golf Refugees – A Square Peg in a Round Hole
Golf refugees logoA Square peg in a round hole’ is a blog by British brand Golf Refugees who primarily focus on the lack of transparency by the major sportswear brands and regulators with regard to the chemicals used to make modern synthetic sportswear.
Sportswear is of particular concern because of the increased interaction between your skin through increased friction and sweating. We call upon all apparel brands to provide consumers with a list of the chemicals they use.

>> Read A Square Peg in a Round Hole

Jamillah – Made to Travel

Jamillah Made to TravelJamillah has been writing about ethical shopping and happy things since 2011. From thrifting, to fair trade, to eco-friendly Made-To-Travel is a place that shows there is tons of opportunity to shop for a better world and that every single person can do it!



>> Read Jamillah’s blog

Thinkmag a bimonthly online glossy for sustainable living featuring quality craftsmanship and service for all facets of a greener lifestyle. Stunning global editorials take you to beautiful destinations where reducing waste is paramount and luxury is responsible. Having the best of both worlds without compromising the planet is far easier now, there are so many great choices and Think mag is prepared to find the best in sustainable design and service for our viewers.

>> Read Thinkmag

Victoria Romburgh – PhotoGanic
Victoria RomburghPhotoGanic create a range of naturally functional creations in the décor, fashion & art industries, which all began through the unique blend of photography & design & organic fabrics. Their blog, written by Victoria Romburgh, is a space of communication, inspiration & education all about The Organic Fabric Alternative. They operate in the UK and South Africa.


>> Read Victoria’s blog

Claudia Falcão – Brasileirice
Claudia falcaoClaudia’s blog is themed on her ethnic style, Brasileirice. The way she finds to show her passion for fashion. There she can publish about “mystiques”. Usually picking a designer, artisan, who is gifted with the ability to transform anything into art. She talks artists, designers or brands to found out their attitude towards ethics, fair trade, eco-friendly parameters and working conditions. Then developing a solid relationship to promote their products via Brasileirices.

>> Read Claudia’s blog