Remembering Bangladesh: 3 things you can do

On Thursday the world will remember one of the worse industrial accidents in history. Here are three ways you can mark the day to tell the fashion industry – never again.

Film still by Nathan Fitch

Can you remember what you were doing when you heard about the Rana Plaza building disaster in Bangladesh? Like often with these things, the full horror of what happened didn’t hit me until a while after.

Now the main horror is that despite so many lost lives, little seems to have changed.

Except we – the consumers – have. On the Guardian website many people said they’ve changed the way they think and buy clothes since Bangladesh. People power is stronger than its ever been. This is illustrated most with the number of activities taking place this Thursday to mark the first anniversary of the disaster. Here are three you can do to get involved.

Wear it #insideout
Get up, get dressed … but put your clothes on inside out. I haven’t gone mad – the initiative is from the good people at Fashion Revolution Day. The idea it to make a statement about knowing where your clothes are made: showing what’s on the inside of the fashion industry, not just what we see on the outside.

After you’ve dressed, take a picture of yourself, upload it to Instagram and tag it #insideout.

Join the Twitter vigil at 11am
At 11am there will be a Twitter vigil to remember those who lost their lives. Taking part is easy – just click the button below to send your tweet.

[Tweet “I will not forget and I will not give up until fashion changes. #RememberingBangladesh”]

>> Read our Twitter vigil Q&A

Join a lunch time protest outside Gap
A year on and Gap have still not signed the Bangladesh Health and Safety Accord to protect garment workers from future disasters. War on Want have organised a range of lunchtime protests outside Gap stores. Why not pop out on your break to one.

>> Find the nearest protest to you

And if you can’t do any of those things, join the 1% campaign┬ádemanding┬ácompanies invest more in worker’s rights.

>> Sign the 1% campaign petition now

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