WARNING! This video will make you feel ashamed

One year on from the Bangladesh building disaster, the New York Times has released a devastating op-doc video by a photojournalist on the ground that fateful day.

Film still by Nathan Fitch

I simply don’t know how, in a post Bangladesh world, people can still shop in places like Gap and Walmart. Companies who a year on, still haven’t signed the Bangladesh Health and Safety Accord. And brands like Mango, who have signed, but still refused to compensate the victims.

An incredible, but upsetting, video by Nathan Fitch and Ismail Ferdous tells the story of what happened on the ground that day. It shows the faces of the victims – faces we should never, ever forget.

Almost most devastating of all, it shows the brands – companies on our High Streets, labels that sit in our wardrobes – amongst that rumble. I felt so ashamed watching it.

At times like these I feel so powerless. All I can do right now is ask you to join me at Thursday 24th April for a Twitter vigil for the victims of Bangladesh. Taking part is simple. At 11am (BST) simply click thisĀ button to tweet:

[Tweet “I will not forget and I will not give up until fashion changes. #RememberingBangladesh”]

Feel fee to tweet your message at Primark, Gap and Mango if you want them to know we will not stop until this is fixed.

I wish I could do more, but for now I hope you’ll join me.

>> Watch the film by Nathan Fitch and Ismail Ferdous

Warning: this video contains disturbing images that some people may find upsetting.

Photo: Still from the film by Fitch and Ferdous

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