#nomakeupselfie is a feminist campaign. Or is it?

Is your social media feed full of #nomakeupselfies? No make up, cancer, feminism. Yeah, what’s all that about then?

No Make Up Selfie

Take a selfie with no make up on and give money to a cancer charity.

Great, that sounds good…actually, hold on, what? What’s have those two things got to do with each other?

It’s a feminist campaign, challenging media portrayals of women. Plus its raising money for a good cause.

Right. How’s it doing that exactly? (the challenging portrayals of women bit I mean).

Women are putting themselves out there without make up on. Hundreds of thousands of people have done it.

OK, but I do that on a regular basis. Now you’re making me feel like the weirdo for not wearing make up.

But some of them look really rough. While others clearly look better without their make up. Check out these before and after shots

So we’re still basically judging women on how they look.

It’s maybe not a big deal for you, but for some women its really brave. The Fawcett Society conducted research which revealed that some women get up earlier than their partners so they could do their make-up before he woke up.

Yeah, that’s pretty worrying. But doesn’t pairing it with cancer make that “bravery” seem a little trivial?

It’s about people liberating themselves from make up.

So people go the rest of the day without make up too?

Well…um… I don’t know…

Possibly a fairly fleeting liberation.

It’s raised over a million in 24 hour for Cancer Research.

Great. And the feminists?

I take it you’re not going to join in then?

No, I’m game. Here’s my #shitmakeupselfie. I’ve given £5 to UK Feminista.

Shit Make Up Selfie



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