What happens when you ask for a pay rise in Cambodia? These 23 found out

Last month 23 Cambodian’s were detained by police following a demonstration over low wages in the garment industry. Weeks later and they’re still not free.

Cambodian garment workers protest

In January, four people died and over 23 seriously injured when Police clashed with striking garment workers in Cambodia. Many more were arrested and weeks later are still being held, bail having been refused.

The textile workers were demanding a basic living wage. Cambodia has around 500,000 workers in the garment industry, which is a key source of national income.

Of the 23 arrested, only two have been released on bail. All face serious charges, despite many claiming to not have even been part of the demonstration. The 21 being held are at the CC3 jail, located in the Kampong Cham province in Phnom Penh, which is notorious for its harsh conditions.

The Clean Clothes Campaign are calling for the release of all the detainees, and all charges to be dropped. They said: “A wage you can live on was at the heart of the protests. It is a right everyone deserves and Clean Clothes Campaign will continue to support all garment workers in their struggles for a living wage.”

On Monday people around the world showed solidarity with the 23 with actions  outside Cambodian Embassies in Seoul, Brussels, Geneva, Washington D.C., Hong Kong, Berlin and Dhaka.

Photo: Clean Clothes Campaign

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