Burberry mannequins walk out of UK flagship store in toxics protest

Rogue mannequins were spotted walking out of Burberry in protest over the toxics in children’s clothing. Will the company now listen?

Greenpeace activists at Burberry store

A group of rogue mannequins grew sick of modelling Burberry’s toxic clothes and walked out of their London flagship store in protest.

Burberry are accused by Greenpeace of harbouring “little monsters” in their clothing, which could be harmful to people and the environment. Already this week thousands of concerned shoppers took to Twitter and Facebook to demand the global fashion brand clean up.

Greenpeace activists at Burberry storeA Burberry shirt modelled by Romeo Beckham is one of the items Greenpeace tested and found toxics in. Greenpeace says they’re not dangerous in the short term, but long term exposure is unclear. It is also creating huge pollution problems in Chinese rivers that are close the factories where the clothes are made.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Burberry said: “The safety and welfare of our customers is paramount and Burberry complies with all international environmental and safety standards. Burberry products do not pose a danger to customers.”

Greenpeace activists at Burberry store

Greenpeace responded by saying: “Until the textile industry detox and switch to safer chemicals, we’ll all be exposed to these hazardous substances. Whether you are a child from a poor background living downstream from the factories in Asia or Africa, or the wearer of a £175 shirt, all are impacted.

“The Greenpeace Detox campaign has been working with major fashion labels to solve this problem. We want to help Burberry become a real market leader by joining  the forward-thinking brands already committed to being part of the solution.”


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