When Burberry failed to Detox this is what happened on Twitter

When Greenpeace accused Burberry of harbouring dangerous toxins in their clothing, they failed to act. Twitter really wasn’t impressed.

Burberry please detoxLast week Greenpeace released a report claiming many a vast array of major brands had dangerous toxins in their clothing.

Among that number was Burberry, who since the announcement have failed to take any decisive action. When word got out on Twitter about this, folks were none too happy. In just 24 hours nearly 5000 people tweeted at Burberry to clean up their act. I think you can say Burberry had something of a bad news day.

The action doesn’t stop there either. Activists, fashionistas and concerned parents today are taking to Facebook to vent their frustration with this super brand.

If you want to join them, here’s how:

  1. Go to Burberry’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/burberry
  2. Choose one of their posts
  3. Leave a comment asking Burberry to Detox now and stop using hazardous Little Monsters to make our clothes
  4. Be sure to include this link in your comment: www.greenpeace.org/littlemonsters

Thanks to global people power, major fashion labels like Zara have already committed to Detox. We can make Burberry do the right thing to.

Photo: Greenpeace


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