Thought little monsters were under the bed? They’re in your kid’s clothes too

A new investigation by Greenpeace shows that our children’s clothes a riddled with toxins. It’s not just the cheap brands that are effected either.

'Detox Our Future' Mexico

Hazardous chemicals are lurking in children’s clothes and shoes made by major brands, including Disney, Burberry and Adidas. This is according to a new investigation released today by Greenpeace.

Testing was carried out on products sold by 12 brands across the industry, including American Apparel, GAP, Primark and Nike for the report “A Little Story About the Monsters in Your Closet”. The findings revealed levels of hazardous chemicals in clothing made for children, who are particularly vulnerable to their the effects.

Chih An Lee, Detox Campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia, said: “This is a nightmare for parents everywhere looking to buy clothes for their children that don’t contain hazardous chemicals. These chemical ‘little monsters’ can be found in everything from exclusive luxury designs to budget fashion, polluting our waterways from Beijing to Berlin. For the sake of current and future generations brands should stop using these monsters.”

Among the results, one Adidas swimsuit contained higher levels of PFOAs than permitted in their own Restricted Substance List, while printed fabric on a Primark children’s t-shirt contained 11% phthalates. Once released into the environment, many of these chemicals can have adverse impacts either on human reproductive, hormonal or immune systems.

When the Detox campaign first launched, people power forced brands like Zara and Levis to go toxic free. We can do it again.

>> Visit the Little Monsters website to find out how to put the pressure on brands to Detox

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