Sports brands renege on Detox promises

Greenpeace reveal that several global sports wear brands, pledging to go toxic free, have failed to deliver on their promises. 

Greenpeace detox catwalk

Greenpeace have launched a new online platform that allows consumers to monitor which brands are living up to their Detox promises.

The Detox Catwalk comes after the environmental organisation found a number of brands who signed up at the beginning, are simply not “walking the walk”. This includes Nike and Adidas.

Since the Detox campaign began hundreds of thousands have pledged support for the campaign, proving public appetite for ethical fashion. This type of platform provides a great way for consumers to get the latest info on how well brands are performing. Bravo to Greenpeace for creating it!

However, there is one problem with this campaign, which is highlighted by a comment on their recent blog: “…some of my favourite fashion brands have more than proved their worth; matching their words with fashion-forward action. Companies like Mango, H&M … showing the whole fashion industry that when they say they commit to clean up their act, they mean it.”

So this is Mango, who activists have been campaigning against all summer to get them to sign the Bangladesh Health and Safety Accord. They also failed to attend the Bangladesh victims compensation talks in Geneva this year. Meanwhile H&M remain on the Clean Clothes campaign’s target list for failing to act on conditions in their factories in Cambodia.

It’s great that Greenpeace have seen such great results on supply chain toxics – this is an important area of work. However Bangladesh was the greatest disaster the fashion industry has ever seen. Saying these brands have “cleaned up their act” is dangerous. It provides an endorsement to companies that continue to exploit human rights.

While we at The Wardrobe don’t have the influence of Greenpeace, we’d still like to recommend you shop local, support ethical brands, recycle and reuse.

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Image: Greenpeace



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2 thoughts on “Sports brands renege on Detox promises

  1. Didn’t they commit to be toxic free by 2020? Last time I checked, it was only 2013. Detox Catwalk is a good idea for sure, even if the name is really bad.

    • Yes it’s only 2013, which leaves only 7 years to complete an enormous task. From what I understand they signed up 3 years ago and since then done sweet FA. Doesn’t bode we’ll for the future.

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