Blog Action Day round-up

As part of this year’s Blog Action Day over 100 ethical fashion bloggers signed up to use the day to talk about human rights and fashion. They came from nine countries, crossing six continents. Here is a summary of their blogs.

Factory workers image

In early morning on 16 October, over in Dunedin in New Zealand, our first Human Friendly Fashion Blogger pressed ‘publish’ kicking off Blog Action Day 2013. Senorita Awesumo kicked off what would end up being 48 hours of almost non-stop blogging, on a campaign that spread across the globes.

Waking up in the UK on 16 October Twitter was already alive with blog posts being fired out. Fashion Me Fairly looked at the need for an International Accord on Human Rights and Fashion, plus why good ethics means good business. Meanwhile A La Jode took a more personal approach, explaining why she would “sooner give up all my clothes than know even one person had died for them.”

Passion Lilie took a really interesting perspective on the topic by comparing the Sears catalogue for 1978, with that of today. She found that despite inflation, prices had actually fallen. If the price of living has continued to rise, how could the prices we’re paying for clothing possibly be falling?

People found all sorts of original ways to express their feelings about human rights and fashion. We loved Clothes Cameras and Coffee‘s poem; Design and Kindness did a run down the best human friendly brands; and Moral Fibres shared a lovely infographic on shopping ethically.

As we headed into the evening blogs had been flying out for nearly 24 hours. But things hadn’t finished yet. As here in the UK we headed off to bed, North and South America kept on blogging. In Ecuador we had the Earth Friendly Family; in Panama we had Rainforest Design; and Sasstainable gave us a Canadian perspective.

It was so inspiring to read all these blogs, however we had a difficult task ahead of us. Thanks to the Pashen Collection, we had a beautiful silk scarf, to give away to the best Human Friendly Fashion Blogger. It was a tough call, but we have finally picked a winner.

The Best Human Friendly Fashion Blogger 2013 goes to Mancunian Vintage for their wonderfully confessional account on why human rights and fashion was important to them.

As well as being a lovely looking blog, with beautiful photos, we loved the way they showed other people how to have a ethical wardrobe, and take action through other groups such as the Craftivists Collective and War on Want. After all, one person can’t change the world – we have to bring others with us too!

It was a difficult choice though, which is why we’ve decided to give a special recommendation to three others: Green Issues by Agy over in Singapore, for a great piece on killer jeans, a much overlooked issue; Emma Waight for her incredibly thoughtful piece about commercial sensitivity and transparency; and The View From Pier 32 for bring a tear to our eye for their piece on Bangladesh.

Don’t forget to look out for the winner of our Human Friendly Fashion Outfit Blogger later this week too.

And finally, thanks to Pippa Says, for Storifying Blog Action Day for us. It gives a wonderful overview of all the human rights blogs that were published as part of this wonderful global day of action.

The Human Friendly Fashion Bloggers achieved more than we could have ever imaged on Blog Action Day. We hope next year to repeat the campaign. We hope you’ll be there with us too.

We’re sorry if we missed your blog, but please share it in the comments section below so others can see it.





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