Want a Repair Cafe near you?

Repair Cafes are the latest trend sweeping across Europe. But what do you do if there isn’t one near you? Start one, of course!

Remade photo by Lisa Yarost

A while ago we reported on a new trend in Holland called Repair Cafes. Since we last spoke about them the idea has really taken off. Cafes are springing up everywhere, including across the UK.

The concept is simple: Something you own is broken so you take it to a cafe and volunteers will fix it for free. Many Repair Cafes focus on a range of repairs, but others are exclusively about fashion.

Every year around 2 million tonnes of textile waste is produced, 1.2 million tonnes of which ends up in landfill. Much of this could be repaired and saved, but people don’t have the skills to do so.

We’d like to see more Repair Cafes in more communities to help reduce textile waste, and teach people basic sewing skills. We’re developing plans to set up Repair Cafes in more local communities, and want to your opinions on our ideas.

To give us your feedback all you have to do is vote in our poll and tell us if you think a Repair Cafe in your community is a hit or miss idea. If you’d like to give us more detailed feedback then of course you can email us any time.

>> Vote now!


If you are interested in working in partnership with us to set up a Repair Cafe then get in touch. We’re happy to talk to you about how we might be able to help you set one up.

>> Send us an email if you want to set up a Repair Cafe near you


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