Because they’re worth it…

For the next two weeks we want to work with you across social media to spread the word about ethical fashion. Will you join us?

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I recently heard someone tell a story about an employer who said they wouldn’t provide ethical uniforms because “they didn’t have the budget”.

This type of attitude says a lot about what we feel is WORTH spending money on. They think it’s worth spending money on a uniform, but not on the people who make them.

Jennifer Anniston once said “Because I’m worth it” (that is a bunch of advertisers did!). So we want to turn that on it’s head and say “Because THEY’RE worth it.”

If we think it’s right to have unions, labour laws, and a living wage at home, then it should be right to have it abroad too. Garment workers in the global south are not second class citizens. They deserve the same rights as us.

For the next couple of weeks we want to spread this message across social media. And we want you to help us. So if you believe in this message then follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook and get sharing and retweeting.

Helen Keller once said: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This is at the very heart of what we’re all about. We hope that you will join us so that together we CAN do so much.

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