Best vintage shops in Dublin

Sarah Kingston, takes us over the Irish Sea to visit some of the best vintage shops in Dublin. 

charity and vintage shops in Dublin

Having lived in Dublin for the last few years, I was excited to see the vintage sector really expand and grow. Today, I’m taking you on a little tour of the city, highlighting my five favourite vintage shops.

1. The 3rd Policeman
Our trail of starts in Rathmines, one of those beautiful red-brick neighbourhoods of south Dublin. Opened just over a year ago, the 3rd Policeman is Rathmines’ new hip vintage and antiques shop.

The shop is owned and run by Alistair and his mum, who has been in the antiques business for almost 30 years. Her expertise and Alistair’s interest in vintage musical instruments definitely show in the shop. There’s a great selection of vintage clothing, furniture and musical equipment, such as instruments, record players and radios.

The 3rd Policeman sources 90% of its vintage clothing from France. “The difference in quality in vintage on mainland Europe compared to here is substantial,” comments Alistair.

2. The Harlequin
Travelling towards the city centre, our next stop off has to be at The Harlequin. Having been around for over 15 years, the Harlequin has that real vintage shop feel to it, with clothes, shoes and accessories crammed into every inch of the store.

The Harlequin offers quality vintage from almost every decade and – gentlemen take note – has a huge men’s section in the basement! The shop also sells some new and second-hand items and reproductions.

3. Siopaella
Our last three shops are all located within Temple Bar, Dublin’s bustling cultural and nightlife hub. Siopaella, which is Irish for ‘Ella’s Shop’, is a hip new swap and consignment store.

What sets this place apart from a charity shop is its design and the curated selection of clothes. Rather than being of the past, Siopaella styles vintage and second-hand garments which link into current fashion, rendering it more attractive to a broader customer base.

Siopaella has two stores within Temple Bar. The Crow Street boutique focuses on vintage and highstreet second-hand. Their second shop on Temple Lane carries luxury labels and more exclusive designer-wear.

4. Eager Beaver
You couldn’t do a tour of Dublin’s vintage shop without including Eager Beaver. Open since 1986, this grungy establishment is Dublin’s oldest vintage shop. In the colourful Eager Beaver you’ll find the best of pattern-crazy Hawaiian shirts, combat-wear, vintage men’s suits and hats, leather jackets and 60s vintage dresses.The shop also caters to Goth and Emo teen tastes and was swarming with them when I entered.

The recent revamp has made the shop a much brighter space. The kaleidoscopic chaos of colours, patterns and materials that always puts a smile on my face remains.

5. Golly Gosh
Situated just across from the Eager Beaver, Golly Gosh takes up the 2nd and 3rd floor above a little jewellery store called Happy Days. Golly Gosh has a great selection of pieces from the 70’s and 80’s at very affordable prices and is one of the few places where you can get vintage bridal ware.

I particularly like this place because the shop incorporates a sewing studio. We all know how hard it can be to find vintage clothes in your particular size. Well at Golly Gosh, you can get them altered to fit, right there and then, starting from as little as €5!

Golly Gosh also restyle and upcycle vintage pieces to give them a more contemporary feel. Their ex Aran wool jumpers turned into cute long sleeve dresses through a process of washing and stretching are particularly popular.

Temple Bar has many more vintage shops than the three I’ve mentioned. So if you’re pressed for time, I suggest you have a quick walk around there. To make finding the shops mentioned in this post easier, I’ve made a little map for you.

My 10 favourite Vintage shops in Dublin and Belfast1

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