Bangladesh building disaster update

As the death toll hit 900, there has been some good news to come out of Bangladesh. Find out how the fashion industry has responded.

Protests at Primark

Last week War on Want announced that global retailers, including Primark, H&M, Tesco, Zara and C&A, have bowed to pressure and signed the Bangladesh Safety Accord.

Tens of thousands called on Primark to sign the agreement. This is a momentous deal and people power made it happen.

A spokesperson for War on Want said: “The terrible scale of this tragedy has shone the spotlight on the garment industry. But the truth is that every day, across the world, women are slaving away in appalling conditions to make our clothes. Now is our chance to make the retailers live up to their responsibility.”

Meanwhile, Ecouterre announced that Bangladesh’s government have agreed to allow their 4 million garment workers to form trade unions without seeking permission from factory owners. This is a milestone victory for labour-rights campaigners who have been lobbying for widespread reforms to the industry.

The decision came a day after Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s administration announced a plan to raise the minimum wage for garment workers, who are paid as little as $38 per month. This is a quarter of China’s current minimum wage.

This is all amazing news, but there are still garment workers who are working in appalling conditions. Our 1% campaign continues, and we urge you to sign the petition. If you’ve already signed then please share it on your social networks so we can bring as many people as possible together under this drive.

>> Sign the 1% petition

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