The 1% Campaign – now more than ever

Despite pledges to compensate the victims of the building disaster in Bangladesh, no long term plans have been agreed. This must change because this can’t happen again.

1 percent campaign banner

The disaster in Bangladesh shows how much has gone wrong with our fashion industry. And while there have been pledges by Primark to compensate the victims, they still have not made any promises to review the way they operate.

So far their promise is nothing more than aid. But we need much more than aid. We need fundamental changes to operations, and that means more money and time spent on sorting these problems.

Sign the petition demanding companies invest a minimum of 1% into solving the problems in their supply chain.

If we do not get these promises a disaster like this will happen again.

So please sign the petition and let companies like Primark know things have to change. We also have some banners and avatars you can download and use on your Facebook and Twitter pages to tell others you support change.

>> Download our Facebook banner (right click to save the image to your desktop)

>> Download our Twitter avatar (right click to save the image to your desktop


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