Primark compensate factory victims

Primark has agreed to compensating the victims of the Bangladesh building disaster. However they’ve stopped short of longer term commitments.

Primark shoppers

Primark is amongst one of the retailers offering to compensate the victims of last week’s building collapse in Bangladesh. The building housed factories producing clothes for them.

When the Rama Plaza building fell hundreds were killed, and thousands more injured. Other western companies using suppliers in the building included Matalan, Mango and Benetton.

Primark has offered long term financial aid to the children who lost parents, and compensation for to those who were injured.

However they have not agreed to sign up to health and safety mandate that trade unions and other non-profit organisations are demanding. There has also been no statement made about how they will be investing their core spend to ensure this never happens again.

Big questions are still unanswered, including how their audits overlooked such the fatal flaws in the building. A BBC News report also reveals that a young girl was in the factory, although there is no explanation of what she was doing there.

Compensation is simply not enough. This is why The 1% Campaign continues, demanding companies properly invest in corporate social responsibility. We want a minimum of 1% of profits invested to increase core spend on social responsibility, because this simply must not ever happen again.

>> Sign The 1% campaign petition and demand action

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