The H&M UNconscious collection

The Clean Clothes campaign launch a spoof of H&M’s Conscious collection in a bid to make the company face up to human rights issues. 

H&M Unconscious collection by the Clean Clothes campaign

A spoof advert of H&M’s Conscious Collection has been created by the Clean Clothes campaign.

The organisation, which is an alliance of organizations in 15 European countries, is attempting to draw attention to the mass fainting in factories in Cambodia. They’ve long been denouncing the fast fashion retailer for not paying living wages and unsafe workplace conditions in their South East Asian factories.

“H&M claims that [its] clothes are made with responsibility for people and environment, but hundreds of overworked and malnourished workers faint during their daily work,” says Christa Luginbühl, a coordinator for the Clean Clothes Campaign told Ecouterre. “A fashion collection cannot be ‘conscious,’ ‘sustainable,’ or ‘responsible’ if a producer denies garment workers the basic human right for a living wage.”

H&M recently took part in a panel discussion on sustainability. Watch the video to find out more.

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