Garment workers threatened with rape

A compelling new film on the plight of garment workers in the Global South reveals shocking testimonies of rape and violence. These are the factories that make our clothes.

Garment factory in Cambodia

A new film – TheĀ Apparel Truth – reveals shocking conditions of garment workers in both Bangladesh and Cambodia.

In Bangladesh workers speak on camera about working 12-13 hours a day, with enforced over time. They earn as little as $50 per month. This is barely enough to live on, and many of the workers live in basic over crowded shacks.

Although childcare is supposed to be provided by law, many factories don’t bother. So children are sent away to live with relatives, or left to roam the streets.

Those who have tried to complain have been threatened by “goons” hired by the factory. One woman, who had filed a case in the courts, was told she would be raped and beaten if she didn’t withdraw her complaint.

In Cambodia we meet a 15 year old leaving a notorious garment factory. We also hear tales of women, dismissed with out pay for simply being pregnant.

Companies using factories in Bangladesh and Cambodia include H&M, Adidas, Nike and Gap. They all claim to be against child workers and signed up to the Ethical Trading Initiative. Yet clearly something about their corporate social responsibility policies is not working.

Watch the whole film now

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