Second hand shopping takes off on Instagram

Instagram second hand clothesAs the latest social media buzz centres round Instagram, savvy second hand shoppers take to the platform to sell their wares? Could this give another boost to pre-loved fashion shopping?

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube – social media as a business tool is well known and well used. But the latest hot star in the social media world is now in on the act too.

Users of Instagram, the photo sharing network, are now using the site to buy and sell second hand clothing. According to Treehugger, these Instagram stores are known as closest shops. Often started as a way to profile clothing, they’ve soon turned in to money making ventures when combined with e-commerce apps, such as Poshmark.

In an interview with Mashable, popular style blogger Milysan Troche was doing so well on Instagram that she opened her own online store, She claims that nearly 100% of her clients come through Instagram.

The only downside to the trend is that there is currently no common hashtag. This can make finding things tricky. However some recommended starting points include #secondhand  and #secondhandclothes.

Have you ever bought or sold second hand clothing on Instragram? Let us know in the comments sections below.

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