Fashion Mob aids Greenpeace Zara win

'Detox' Zara Day Of Action, TaipeiThe Fashion Mob celebrates as Zara commits to go toxic free. They joined hundreds of thousands who proved yet again that people power works.

Twenty countries, 80 cities and literally thousands of people came together to tell Zara to go toxic free. And our campaigning arm, the Fashion Mob, were one of the groups who helped make that happen.

The campaign against Zara was launched just 10 days ago by Greenpeace. It came in the wake of a damning report which revealed their clothing contained cancer causing and hormone disrupting chemicals.

The call was immediately put out to the Fashion Mob, who sprung into action. Pledging action online and leaving messages on Zara’s Facebook page which the company couldn’t ignore, there’s no doubt this group of ethical fashionistas made their voices heard.

Companies often say customers don’t care about ethical fashion. These last 10 days they’ve shown them that they do.

Although Zara has now committed to banning these toxic chemicals  many others are still using them. If you’d like to join our next push to make fashion toxic free, the sign up to the Fashion Mob today.

>> Sign up to the Fashion Mob online now.

Photo: Greenpeace

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