Who will be your daughter’s style icon?

In less than a generation the fashion stylings of pop icons have gone beyond the pale. Who can young girls look to for fashion inspiration that mixes style and dignity?

The Saturdays vs The All SaintsTimes columnist, and feminist writer, Caitlin Moran, recently said in an interview that she tells her daughters that they should feel sorry for pop stars like Rhianna. Despite having all that fame and fortune they’re still only allowed to wear hot pants.

And like all the best jokes there is a huge degree of truth in it.

Although the sexualisation of women in the music industry has long been a problem, there’s been a huge shift in the last 15-20 years. Since the sass of the 90s girl power movement, it seems the pop industry’s fashion concepts sink further into the gutter each year.

Take for example the All Saints, a girl band who had a string of hits in the late 90s. Although given a bit more of a nod from music critics for writing their own songs, they were still pop, and as such had to have a specially created look and style.

But what’s interesting when you watch their old videos is how covered up they are. With the exception of a little midriff there’s hardly any skin on show. In one video they even wear coats. Well pop stars get cold too you know.

The All Saints weren’t an anomaly either. Scan a range of 90s pop music videos and you’ll see the flesh to clothing ratio is hugely different from today. For example, TLC seemed perfectly happy dancing around in their pyjamas rather than their underwear.

In the 90s young girls could look at pop music videos and know it was possible to look good without stripping your clothes off. Today they’ll will look to pop groups like the Saturdays and…well who would you prefer your daughter to take style tips from?

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