One joins every minute in campaign to Detox Zara

Following the damning investigation into Zara’s use of toxic chemicals, one person every minute has joined the campaign to get them to clean up. Are you one of them?

Greenpeace activists take action at ZaraEarlier this week this week Greenpeace launched a report claiming retail giant, Zara, was using hormone altering and cancer causing chemicals in their clothing. In the first 48 hours after the announcement over 100,000 people joined the campaign around the world urging the company to Detox. This equates to one every minute, making it one of the fastest growing ethical fashion campaigns ever.

Greenpeace activists in Spain and Switzerland have take action at Zara stores. In Spain a giant banner was dropped. Meanwhile in Switzerland a shop window was taken over by activists dressed as skeletons.

And there’s been action online too. Nearly 200,000 have now signed up to the campaign via the Greenpeace website. Many have also left messages on Zara’s Facebook page.

Zara watch trends and public opinion closely so people power can make a real impact. If you want to help support the campaign against Zara, or other brands abusing people and planet, then join the Fashion Mob today.

People power can make a difference.

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