H&M get A on organics but F on human rights

For the second year H&M have won the title of No. 1 organic cotton buyer. But while they get an A in natural fibres, the rest of their report card still lets them down.

organic cottonWe should commend people when they do well. So well done H&M on being the market leader in organic cotton for the second year running.

Organic cotton is not only better for the environment, but also better for the people who farm it. Toxic pesticides maim, kill and pollute. They’re seriously bad news.

H&M clearly care about toxins as they also recently made a bold pledge to Greenpeace to elimiate a range of nasty chemicals from their supply chain. The move came as Greenpeace exposed factories in China, that the company used, dumping toxins in local rivers.

So are H&M one of the good guys now? It would appear that they were trying. Except there are still major problems that they don’t even seem to be addressing. There are still workers fainting in their factories in Cambodia, and others going on strike because of poor work conditions and pay. And they still haven’t pledged to ban Uzbekistan cotton¬†which is picked by slave children, despite being asked, very nicely, lots of times.

So it’s encouraging that big companies like H&M are doing something. But we must not forget that other areas are still being neglected. And while we wait for action, workers around the world continue to suffer.

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One thought on “H&M get A on organics but F on human rights

  1. We are just starting out in the clothing industry and found your post to be interesting in regards to the damage that the cotton industry contributes. We hope that our new brand will incorporate a higher standard of ethics in our purchasing of ra materials and finished goods.

    Best regards,

    Philip Polaski
    Comfort Baby Wear

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