TOXIC! Cancer chemicals at Zara

Greenpeace detox campaignA shocking new report out today from Greenpeace reveals cancer causing chemicals in products from Zara. It’s time to act to “Detox” the fashion industry.

Toxic Threads is a shocking new report from Greenpeace that reveals a number of High Street fashion brands using hazardous chemicals in their clothing. One of the worst offenders is Zara. They’re using hormone disrupting chemicals, which are released into lakes and rivers around the world, poisoning fish and water supplies. In addition, the investigation revealed traces of cancer causing chemicals in their dyes.

And it’s not just at point of manufacture that these chemicals are a problem. Every time we wash our clothes we swamp our own waterways with chemicals which are theoretically banned in this country. And when we throw them away they end up on landfill, where the chemicals seep into the ground, eventually reaching groundwater levels.

This latest stage of Greenpeace’s campaign comes after some great early wins with companies such as H&M. However after digging deeper into the issue, Greenpeace’s investigations revealed many other companies were also using dangerous chemicals. As well as Zara, other brands involved include Levis, Armani, Calvin Klein and Mango.

What you can do
We won before, and we can win again. If you want to help Detox the fashion industry then get involved. Here’s a few things you can do:

1. Sign up to get involved in the Detox campaign on the Greenpeace website

2.  Buy fewer new clothes, instead recycle and reuse. Check out our charity shop and vintage guides for the best places to buy second hand clothing near you.

3. Support independent brands using natural dyes. Check out our ethical fashion directory for some great brands than don’t harm people or planet.

The Toxic Threads report is available to read in full on the Greenpeace website.

Photo: Greenpeace




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