Adidas profits soar as workers drown in debt

Yesterday sportswear giant, Adidas, announced a double digit profit increase, growing their global revenue to EUR 4.17bn. This follows a week of action by campaigners trying to get Adidas to pay what’s legally owed their garment workers.

Workers at Indonesia’s Kizone factory, which produced clothing for Adidas, were left high and dry after the owner fled the country. For 18 months the workers have been asking Adidas to pay $1.8m in legally mandated severance. The company so far has refused.

The money is just a drop in the ocean to the retailing behemoth, who this week announced rising profits, including a global revenue of EUR 4.17bn. Meanwhile the workers sink further into debt, and their children may not be able to finish school because they can’t pay the school fees. 

Hear the story of former Kizone worker, Entis Sutisna’s.

Adidas could easily pay the workers. Instead they have been shirking their responsibility, offering half way measures like food vouchers.

All this week the Fashion Mob (our team of fashionista activists) have been supporting the Clean Clothes campaign, targeting Adidas across a number of social media channels. After just 24 hours over 3000 messages had been left by Kizone supporters on Adidas’ Facebook wall.

If you want to help support Kizone workers then it’s not to late. You can get involved through a number of ways.

1. Leave a message on their Facebook wall. Find out more…

2. Send a tweet to @adidas . Find our more…

3. Message Justin Bieber, the new face of Adidas, asking him to use his influence to pull the company into line. Find out more…


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