CROWD SOURCE: Ethical jeans

In an effort to find the perfect jeans, we’ve decide to crowd source ideas from you. Tell us where you go for jeans without the guilt trip.

Monkee genes shop windowMs Wanda’s Wardrobe is not just about the latest news and campaigns in ethical fashion. We also provide advice on how and where to shop ethically. Our directory is full of great brands who make good and do good. Plus our contributors review the best charity shops, latest seasonal trends and provide good shopping guides to vegan shoes, ethical lingerie and more.

We want you to realise that with a little bit of extra effort you can have a beautiful and sustainable wardrobe. The problem is, sometimes we get a bit stuck too.

So we’ve decided to introduce a crowd sourcing guide to ethical fashion, and we’re starting off with jeans.

I hate buying jeans and therefore do it rarely. I find it incredibly difficult to find a good fit and squeezing in and out of the damn things makes me feel hot, flustered and flabby. Therefore when I do buy jeans I try and buy good ones that will last.

I bought my last pair of jeans nearly three years ago and I’ve worn them a lot. However I’ve noticed the knees are starting to look a bit worn and I know it won’t be long before they wear out completely.

So I started looking for a new pair, but I had two problems: I have to try jeans on before I buy as a good fit is really important to me; plus I’m really sick of skinny jeans and wanted something different. And it goes without saying they have to be ethical.

Levis have been pushing the ethical agenda more than most. Their Water>Less Jeans were pretty good, but as far as I can tell, unavailable in the UK. Certainly their Carnaby Street store didn’t have them and I couldn’t see any commitment to sustainability or ethics in any of their other ranges.

I looked round some stores I knew to be ethical, such as 69b in Hackney. They had some Monkee Genes, but the selection was small and all were skinny fit and bright colours. Great for your twenty-something Hoxtonite, but not for those looking for something a little more classic.

I know Monkee Genes do more than skinny fit, but looking online I couldn’t find any other offline stockists. So I turned to the vintage stores. Of the seven that I visited only two had jeans collections. I tried a few on but couldn’t find that perfect fit.

At this point things were starting to get a bit desperate and the lure of Top Shop was plaguing me. I didn’t want to be beaten though, so decided I would have to resort to online shopping, treating my home as my dressing room.

ASOS play directly to this concept, providing a free returns service. Plus their Green Room has a great collection of ethical brands. Sadly I couldn’t find anything I liked as most styles were skinny fit or coloured denim.

In the end I went for mail order from Monkee Genes themselves, which I hope will arrive later this week. However I’m taking a risk on the fit and if they’re no good I’ll have to pay to send them back.

So what is the solution to finding the perfect fitting ethical jeans? Where can you find jeans in a variety of sizes, cuts and styles? If you have some suggestions then share your ideas in the comments section below.

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3 thoughts on “CROWD SOURCE: Ethical jeans

  1. Not a short term solution, however if wrote, emailed, and/or asked clerks about where and how jeans were made and then said, “gee i would buy but your production methods creep me out …” -in stores, great conversations can ensue and if enough e-mail “no buys” collect things might change. Levis has a custom fit boutique which has potential. Personally i sew so can modify second time around jeans. I like that they are already washed several times as well as the “recycle” effort.

  2. I had some amazing organic cotton jeans that I bought a while back from M&S , unfortunately they stopped selling them almost straight away. I have some Monkee Genes but will definitely have to check out those other brands for a more classic fit.

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