And the of our photo competition winner is…

We finally come to the end of Fashion’s Dirty Secrets photography exhibition. And our parting gesture is to hand over the £250 cash prize to the winning charity.

Fashion's Dirty secrets photo montageIt’s been a brilliant and inspiring few weeks. The Fashion’s Dirty Secrets photography exhibition has reached thousands around the world, hopefully making fashionistas think about how their clothes arrive in their wardrobes. It was a hard hitting exhibition, but not one without hope. All the photos focused on campaigns to improve the fashion industry that are mostly being fought and won.

The photos in the exhibition were donated by four organisations: Traid, Anti-Slavery International, ActionAid and Greenpeace. While the exhibition was on we were raising money for them, and in total generated £250 in donations. However, the money will only go to one organisation and that was voted on by you.

Hundreds voted both on and offline and today we’re pleased to announce, with nearly 50% of the vote, were *dramatic pause* ActionAid. This excellent organisation not only has some stunning photos, but they do fantastic work around the globe to bring about justice and ease poverty. Check out their latest campaign aimed at making supermarkets play fair.

Although the voting has now closed you can still make a donation to any of the organisations involved in the exhibition via our Just Giving page.


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