Fashion’s Dirty Secret’s Day 6

We enter week 2 of our photography exhibition – Fashion’s Dirty Secrets. Today a photo with a shocking story from Greenpeace China.

Sampling Water Pollution in China

Factories in China have been dumping toxic waste in local rivers for a long time. These factories produce clothes for a number of global brands, including G-Star, Ralph Lauren and Ambercrombie & Finch. Campaigners at Greenpeace China went to the river to take samples, and one activist got more than they bargained for.

On taking a sample from the river, Zhong Yu’s foot slipped in to the water. She explained:

“Just like that, my foot sunk into the bog of mud and waste water. Ruining my shoes was no big deal, but the gunk on my foot was unimaginably disgusting. That night, my foot began to itch like mad. It turned red, and the next day, erupted in red spots. Eventually my skin started peeling, layer by layer.”

These river are a vital life source for those living by them. Greenpeace’s Detox campaign targets those brands using the factories. They’ve had a good deal of success so far, with a number of brands pledging to eliminate the harmful toxins.

Find out more about the Greenpeace’s Detox campaign.

If you’d like to see the exhibition in full then come and join us this Friday, at the Rose & Crown pub in Walthamstow. As well as the exhibition they’ll be music, drinks, cakes, raffles and more.

For further details visit the E17 Art Trail website.

Photo: Qiu Bo/Greenpeace
Please do not reproduce these photos without first gaining permission. Contact us for more details. 


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