Fashion’s Dirty Secrets: Day 1

Over the next two weeks the first ever ethical fashion photography exhibition will be running as part of the E17 Art Trail. Every week day we’ll also be profiling one photo from the exhibition online.

Factory Outflow Pipe in China

In 2011 Greenpeace’s Dirty Laundry report exposed facilities in China were discharging hazardous chemicals into local rivers. The factories were producing clothes for international brands such as H&M, Puma, Adidas and Nike.

In July that year their Detox campaigned launched and within weeks Puma committed to eliminating hazardous chemicals from its product life cycle by 2020. Adidas and Nike quickly follow and by September H&M had published a list of hazardous chemicals on their website and pledged to eliminate them.

Despite the successes the campaign continues with the focus on other brands guilty of environmental pollution. To find out more, and get involved visit the Greenpeace website.

As part of the exhibition we’re raising funds for the charities who have donated photos to the exhibition. However, the final amount raised will go to just one of the charities – and who that is you decide.

During the week you will get the chance to vote on your favourite photo – and the one which gets the most votes gets the money.

You can cast your vote below. Alternatively, if you’d like to give directly to Greenpeace please visit our Just Giving page.

Today’s photo is…River in Yinzhou District, China by Greenpeace


Photo: Qiu Bo/Greenpeace
Please do not reproduce these photos without first gaining permission. Contact us for more details. 

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