Five of the best ethical flip flops

Summer is here (sort of) and it’s time to get that pedicure and slip on a pair of flip flops. But what’s the right choice for the fashionista who doesn’t want her fashion choices to harm people or the planet? 

If you’d like your flip flops to be a bit kinder to the planet and the people who make them, check out out top tips for brands that keep both your feet and your soul happy.

fresh cargo flip flopsArts and crafts
Flip flops come in all shapes and sizes, and these ones from Fresh Cargo are perfect for arts and crafts types. Handmade in fairtrade conditions, they use recycled rubber for the soul and hemp uppers. They come in a range of different colours and fabrics, and their ethics haven’t impeded their functionality as they have a sports performance foam soul.

Fair corp flip flops

Plain and simple
If you’re like me and like your flip flops plain and simple (they go with more outfits then) the collection from Fair Corp will be up your street. Smart and stylish these beauties are made with fair trade rubber and come with a lovely organic cotton bag. Plus they’re soft and comfortable. Also available in light blue and a range of two colour combinations.

The Marlandia collection mixes wild fabrics with gladiator style to create something really unique. Plus they score big  on ethics. Label boss Silvinha Oliveira has gone back to the slums where she was born to train local women in quality craftmanship, with an aim to improve their life chances. Plus they use recycled materials. Win!

Natural collection flip flops

From sassy to girly, these flip flops from Komodo are subtle and earthy. The soles are made with coconut husk and recycled rubber, and the uppers have faux suede detail making them perfect for vegans. Komodo are a well established brand known for their fair trade principals. On sale via The Natural Collection with up to 70% off (at time of writing).

Havaianas recycled collectionUrban
For anyone who likes their flip flop with a bit of street cred, the news of Havaianas creating an ethical range has brought great joy. Partnering with “world renowned” fashion house, Missoni, they mix “Italian sensibility with Brazilian flair”. Plus they’re made with left over rubber parts, and are delivered in recycled packaging.

Tomorrow we’ll be looking at nine of the best ethical swimwear collections. In the meantime check out this guide to eco holidays to enjoy your new ethical flip flops on. 


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