Quiz: What’s your fashion tribe?

Do you follow the latest trends or do you set your own style? There are many different fashion tribes, each as varied and wonderful as each other. Take our quiz to find out which one you belong to.

Fashion show catwalkIt’s hot, hot, hot so what are you wearing?
a) A little flowery summer dress. There’s lots of lace and bows
b) Cut off jeans, a designer t-shirt and very expensive sunglasses
c) A sleeveless black dress as opposed to the sleeved black dress for the rest of the year
d) A Laura Ashley 1960s sun dress

Where is your favourite place to shop?
a)  Etsy and craft fairs
b) Most of my clothes are given to me or I’m paid to wear them
c) I don’t shop, I create
d) Is there anywhere other than Brick Lane?

What’s on your feet?
a) Sandals or anything with a peep toe
b) Anything so long as it has a six inch heel
c) Anything so long as it’s black and impossible to walk in
d) Cowboy boots or retro trainers

Who are you fashion icons?
a) Jennifer Aniston
b) I’m my own icon
c) Angelina Jolie before she met Brad Pitt
d) Farah Fawcett

Which tribe are you?

Mostly As – You are a girly girl and proud of it. You love anything that’s floral and floaty and your wardrobe is a wild abandon of pretty colours. You’re a great supporter of crafters so good on you. And even though you’re very girly, you are still utterly unique.

Mostly Bs – Basically you’re Kate Moss. Nobody can do simplicity with as much style as you. You buy quality and you’re not afraid of mixing it up with a bit of vintage. Fashion is absolutely effortless for you.

Most Cs – You’re either a goth or work in fashion.

Most Ds – You’re a vintage queen. You’re happy to hunt for hours and always come out with the best bargains. Old is your new. Fashion is all about hunting for treasures with you.

What did you score? Did it hit the nail on the head or has your tribe been missed off? Let us know in the comments section below.

Photo: Henry Jose



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