The Fashion Mob’s first result

Uzbekistan forced child labourLast week the Fashion Mob were sent out on their first mission. They came back almost immediately with a result.

The Mob campaigners were asked to leave messages on Topshop’s Facebook wall asking them if they use child slave picked cotton from Uzbekistan. You may remember that previous attempts to get an answer from them were ignored, and in one case questions posed on Facebook were deleted.

However this time they responded to Ceri Heathcote, Fashion Mobber and ethical fashion blogger. They stated they had banned Uzbekistan cotton since 2008. 

With the champagne in one hand I went to double check the information with Anti-Slavery International, who had this response:

“Arcadia Group, which includes TopShop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins has instructed its suppliers to source cotton from countries that do not use child labour, but has not  committed to not using Uzbek cotton in its products. Also, if they did ban it in 2008, then why haven’t they signed this [cotton] pledge?”

So seems our mission with Top Shop is not yet over. Time now to follow up and ask them why they have not signed the cotton pledge?

Leave a message on their Facebook wall and ask them today!

Copy and paste this message on to the Top Shop Facebook page.

You say you banned child slave picked cotton from Uzbekistan in 2008. So why have you not signed the Forced Child Labour in Uzbekistan Cotton Pledge? 


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