H&M ethical collection in less than 5% of stores

Garment workers in BangladeshLast week H&M launched both a report in sustainability and their new Glamour Conscious collection. They hoped this would place them as the leader in “sustainable fast fashion”. We were sceptical about their claims. Now the collection is out have we changed our mind?

 Even if we put aside the fact that “sustainable fast fashion” is an oxymoron, it would be difficult to take H&M’s claim to be a leader in ethical fashion seriously. For a start, last week they announced their new Glamour Conscious collection will only be in 100 stores worldwide.

The collection uses organic cotton, hemp and recycled polyester. It’s also rather pretty. However with less than 5 percent of their stores carrying the collection the opportunity for consumers coming in to contact with it is slim.

So what is holding them back from a worldwide roll out? It brings us back to the previous argument of why you can find Fairtrade bananas in all branches of Tescos, yet fashion retailers can’t commit with frocks.

H&M said they are “doing their best”. But for this term’s school report I would say “could try harder”.

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