How-to: An ethical wardrobe

For me 2011 was the year I made my wardrobe truly ethical and sustainable. When I look at it I feel really proud.

Each piece has been carefully thought about, and has it’s own unique story. Most of it is either upcycled, pre-loved or vintage. Those pieces that aren’t are at least organic and/or fairtrade. And what’s more, I feel I’ve achieved all this without compromising on style.

If you’d like to create your own sustainable wardrobe, but don’t know where to start, then a new guide by Amisha Ghadiali and Joana Casaca Lemos might help. The 12 Rules To Dress By project is about raising awareness of the ethical issues in the fashion industry. It highlights the part that individuals can make to bring about change. The 12 simple steps laid out in the poster below create an easy way to a ethical fashion future.

To read more about the project, and download the full guide visit the Rules To Dress By web page. And if you decide to sign up to the challenge tweet your commitment by using the hashtag #12rulestodressby

12 Rules to Dress By Poster12 Rules to Dress By checklist


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