The 1% campaign

Despite promises by global brands, abuses are still regularly being uncovered in the fashion industry. This can’t go on. It’s time we fixed fashion. For good. 

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As another slavery scandal hits a High Street store, we ask why this is happening? These companies have ethical policies. So what’s going wrong?

Although companies are saying they’re trying, how much money and time do they spend on it? How does it compare, for example, with their PR spend, or corporate hospitality budgets?

We’re asking for companies to invest a minimum* of 1% of their profits to ensure the human rights of garment workers are properly protected.

We know you care about this too, which is why we want you to get involved. By  signing our petition you can send a strong message – it’s time we fixed this. For good.

>> You can make this happen by signing our petition today

Without proper time and investment abuses will continue to be discovered. We want to see:

  • A minimum* of 1% of profits invested in responsible sourcing
  • Grants available to factories to enable them to make the necessary changes
  • More regular and unannounced audits of factories
  • Better working with NGOs and trade unions to implement policies that have meaningful benefit to workers

Unless we take proper action children’s lives will continued to be ruined, girls will remained imprisoned in factories, and lives will be lost.

We need your help to make this happen. We know you love fashion, and hate abuse. Together we can make fashion beautiful again. On the inside and out.

>> Sign the petition and demand 1% investment to fix fashion


* The figure of 1% investment is inspired by the Slavery On The High Street report by Anti-Slavery International. If a company is already spending at least 1% we’ll ask them to invest at least 1% more.

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